How to Enroll in the Peak Energy Agriculture Rewards (PEAR) Program

Simple to Enroll, Easy to Participate, and Flexible Opt-Out Provisions.

Here’s how to start earning your Peak Energy Agriculture Rewards:

  1. Contact PEAR to make an appointment with a PEAR Account Manager.
  2. Complete an electricity usage information request form, which your PEAR Account Manager will provide to you and help you complete. This form authorizes us to review your utility bill. In a week or so, we’ll tell you if you qualify for Peak Energy Agriculture Rewards (PEAR)...and estimate how much you could earn in incentives.
  3. Complete PEAR enrollment paperwork with help of PEAR representative.
  4. Smart Meter or Interval meter will be installed by your utility (if one is not already installed) to record power savings.
  5. Follow program guidelines to ensure you shut down pumps or greatly reduce electricity use during Peak Demand Events.
  6. Collect cash rewards following the close of the growing season / before the end of the calendar year.

Get expert advice from an energy specialist about how you can benefit from the Peak Energy Agriculture Rewards (PEAR) program from EnerNOC: