Infinity and Control Information System

Web-to-Wireless Remote Control / Monitoring Equipment for Ag Producers

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The Infinity Information System is a family of products that work together to provide wireless two-way communications and address the specific needs of electricity Demand Response programs. Infinity also has many useful functions that extend far beyond the requirements for PEAR programs. The benefits include overall efficiencies through time savings, timely information and trend analysis.  For instance, the same system that makes it easy to earn PEAR incentives will also monitor irrigation flows, line pressure, soil moisture, electrical current (amperage) and more.

Grower controls irrigation pumps using any phone or Internet-connected computer. Commands are sent via cellular signals to the remote control device attached to the pump. Communications are 2-way, so you also get information about conditions in your fields, in addition to being able to control the pump.


  • Farming operations
  • Irrigation districts
  • Cold storage
  • Processing
  • Flood monitoring

Functions – Real-time status monitoring and remote operations for:

  • Irrigation control
  • Energy and water management
  • Climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, wind, etc.)
  • Security
  • Wireless Remote Control Unit
  • Sensors for flow, pressure, soil moisture and other uses
  • Network Operations Center
  • Secure website
  • Cell phone interface
  • Data logging
  • Reporting
How it Works:
  • Utility sends notifications of pending demand response event.
  • Customer accepts or declines by service point.
  • Service points are automatically switched off for 1 to 4 hours between 11 am and 7 pm.
  • Utility sends notification of event conclusion.
  • Service point can be switched on manually, over the Internet, or automatically by pre-set controls.
  • Owners receive payments or bill credits after season peak savings are calculated by the utility.

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