M2M Communications Joins 'CW 100' List of Tech Leaders

December 1, 2010

BOISE, Idaho — M2M Communications, one of Idaho's fastest growing companies, has been placed on a prestigious list of the most innovative providers of machine-to-machine communications (m2m) technology.

Assembled by the editors of Connected World magazine for the November issue, the list is a guide to the companies at the forefront of the marketplace for connected devices, which continues to flourish despite the downturn. According to the judges, the CW 100 represents "top companies demonstrating market traction and pursuing game-changing technologies in connectivity."

“The endless demand that we are currently seeing for connected devices, across multiple verticals, has a significant effect on the level of competition we will see in the marketplace," said Peggy Smedley, editorial director of Connected World. "In order to stay competitive, companies must display considerable innovation, strength, and staying-power—traits you can find throughout the CW 100. Now the challenge to these companies is to persist in moving forward, adapt to this ever-changing climate, and continue to rise to the occasion.”

M2M offers wireless energy and water management solutions for agriculture customers in the US and overseas. For example, the company developed the remote control system for the leading line of center pivot irrigation systems manufactured by Valley Irrigation known as the Tracker. Another program helps the PG&E electric utility meet peak power demands in California by shutting down large irrigation pumps on some hot summer afternoons. This program, which is called Peak Agriculture Energy Rewards (PEAR), offers cash and equipment incentives to growers in exchange for "negawatts."

With about 45 employees in Idaho and California, M2M was founded in 2003 and has been doubling in size nearly every year since. M2M's California operations is headquartered on the Fresno State Campus in the Water & Energy Technology incubator facility.

"We have so many great opportunities to apply our technology and expertise that we can't resist getting involved in cool projects that benefit all parties, including the environment," said founder and chief engineer Steve Hodges. "We're really excited about what happens at the intersection of energy, water, wireless and agriculture. There are no losers--everybody wins!"

Companies appearing on the CW 100 are chosen from a selection of hundreds of firms, both private and publicly traded. The criteria for the listing include: sales and earnings growth, contribution to the connected-devices space, and innovation in multiple markets served during the past 12 months.

About M2M Communications

Located in Boise, Idaho, M2M Communications provides web-to-wireless remote monitoring and control products and services. M2M specializes in irrigation load control programs, demand side management applications and equipment monitoring and control. These programs give utility companies the ability to reschedule the power consumption during times of peak energy demand.

For more information, please call (559) 408-5541 or visit www.m2mcomm.com and www.pearcalifornia.com.

M2M Communications Joins 'CW 100' List of Tech Leaders

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