Overview: Peak Energy Agriculture Rewards (PEAR) Cash Incentives

Earn an Average of $5,000 per Service Point Annually

The Peak Energy Agriculture Rewards (PEAR) program pays cash incentives to Ag customers who volunteer to shut down service points—electric irrigation pumps, motors and compressors over 100ph—during Peak Demand Events:

  • Average $5,000 in annual cash incentives per service point
  • Cash incentives paid at conclusion of growing season / prior to end of calendar year

Use our Online Incentive Calculator to estimate how much you could earn

Peak Demand Events typically cause no disruption to your operations:

  • Grower receives 24-hour notice of Peak Demand Event
  • Grower has freedom to opt out of any event
  • Typically 9-15 Peak Day Events per growing season
  • Peak Demand Events typically occur June through October, from 11 am to 7 pm
  • Shut down maximum of 1-4 hours during a Peak Demand Event
  • No more than 24 hours total in one month

More about Peak Energy Agriculture Rewards (PEAR) Incentives

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