Peak Energy Agriculture Rewards (PEAR)

Earn Incentives for Shutting Down During Peak Demand Events

The Peak Energy Agriculture Rewards (PEAR) Program is a utility-endorsed Demand Response program that offers free remote control /monitoring equipment and cash incentives to Ag customers who reduce electricity use during Peak Demand Events:

  1. Utility forecasters declare a peak demand event for following day.
  2. Grower receives 24-hour notice to reduce electricity use (freedom to opt out).
  3. Lodestar system shuts off irrigation pumps during peak demand event (1-4 peak hours).
  4. Grower earns incentives up to $5,000 per service point annually.*

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Get expert advice from an energy specialist about how you can benefit from the Peak Energy Agriculture Rewards (PEAR) program from EnerNOC:

*All dollar amounts are estimates and may vary depending on your actual energy usage.