Voice-Based Monitoring System

Control / Monitoring via Standard Phones when Web Connections Are Not Available

The Network Operations Center includes a complete two-way Voice Based Monitoring System. The system supports toll-free inbound calling options as well as an extensive outbound event notification system.

The event notification system automatically notifies customers with detailed e-mail and voice calls when an important change occurs on their monitored equipment or facility.

Customers can also dial in to the toll-free number to hear a descriptive status report of their monitored equipment or facility from any telephone anywhere.

The text-to-speech based status message may be as complex as a listing of all monitored digital and analog inputs and outputs or it may be as simple as "The pump is off." It’s all set up by the customer themselves when they select and label the inputs and outputs that are to be remotely monitored and controlled.

The use of the system is intuitive and straightforward as the voice walks the user through a simple process that begins by prompting for a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) and then selects the device to be reported on.

Once the correct device is selected, the system will speak the status of the monitored inputs in the user's own words. If the inputs are digital, they will be described in a simple manner, such as "The pivot is moving in a forward direction." If it’s an analog input, the system will speak the value being measured, plus an analysis of that value. For example, "The greenhouse is 96 degrees. This is too hot." Inputs in an alarm condition are clearly labeled.

In addition to remotely monitoring the system status, connected equipment can be directly controlled. For example, again using the owner’s custom labels, the system may say, "To start Pump1, press 1." After requesting a final confirmation, the system will immediately send the wireless command to the field device. When the device has received the command, turned on the pump, and returned an acknowledgment, the updated 'on' status of the pump can be heard.

Both inbound and outbound event notifications use both e-mail and telephone based voice notifications. This service is included completely free with the monthly data access account.

The addition of these new phone-based features is in keeping with EnerNOC's commitment to continue upgrading their products while maintaining affordability and ease of use.

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