What is The Peak Energy Agriculture Rewards (PEAR) Program?

PEAR Pays Incentives to Ag Customers Who Shut Down During Peak Demand Events

The Peak Energy Agriculture Rewards (PEAR) Program is a utility endorsed Demand Response program developed to incent Ag customers to use less electricity when overall demand is critically high. PEAR is authorized to offer a variety of programs for customers interested in earning incentives for reducing or shutting down electrical loads and avoiding the high cost of electricity during critical Peak Demand periods.

Participating customers receive notifications about 24 hours in advance of an event. This way they can determine whether they want to opt in or out of the event based upon the nature of their loads. For example, an irrigator may determine it's okay to shut down a large irrigation pump for 4 hours. But a tomato processor would decide to opt out during a busy harvest period.

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