When Will Peak Day Pricing Take Effect?

Peak Day Pricing Starts February 1, 2011 for PG&E Ag Customers

Starting Feb. 1, 2011, PG&E will start implementing rate changes for agriculture customers. Actual customer enrollment dates will vary based upon a number of factors:

  • Installation of Smart Meters or Interval Meters
  • Track record of 12 months of continuous electricity usage data

Peak Day Pricing notifications have already begun…

  • PG&E's Agriculture Representatives (“Ag Reps,”) are contacting customers whose electrical use indicates they will be subject to Peak Day Pricing rules
  • PG&E-sponsored informational meetings are being held in convenient locations around the Central Valley. These are excellent forums to learn about the ramifications of Peak Day Pricing and options to avoid paying higher rates
  • PG&E will be sending letters by first class mail, first 60 days and then 30 days prior to customer enrollment start dates

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