Who Can Participate in Peak Energy Agriculture Rewards (PEAR)?

PEAR Is Open to Many PG&E Ag Customers

PEAR is for PG&E and Southern California Edison customers who can reduce or temporarily shut off electric loads during Peak Demand Events, for example:

  • Growers with electric irrigation pumps (75-hp or higher)
    • Row crops
    • Tree groves
  • Cold storage operators
  • Processors
  • Feed mills
  • Wineries
  • Dairies
  • Other agriculture operations

Enrollment is free and participation in “shut down” events is voluntary (with freedom to opt out). You must meet some minimal requirements to participate in PEAR:

  • Service points must be served by participating utilities, like PG&E and SCE.
  • You must be able to greatly reduce or shut down electric loads for a few hours during Peak Demand Events, typically June – October. (This assumes that the loads to be shut down would otherwise be running as incentives are calculated based upon a baseline of loads running 10 days prior to Peak Demand Events.)
  • Smart Meters or Interval Meters must be installed (or you must qualify to receive one through PEAR)* 
  • Loads greater than 50 kilowatts (approximately 75-hp irrigation pump, and preferably more than 200 kilowatts
  • Access to the Internet with e-mail capability as well as telephone service to receive voice and/or text messages
  • 90-day track record of prior energy use*

* Smart Meters and Interval Meters are capable of reading loads and transmitting through wireless networks to your electric utility. Customers can view data on the secure InterAct Web site. Customers without interval or Smart Meters will be enrolled after new meters are installed and 90 days of data are collected.

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