Why Join The Peak Energy Agriculture Rewards (PEAR) Program?

When Ag Customers Reduce Energy Use during Peak Demand Events, Everyone Benefits

From a purely financial standpoint, joining PEAR makes sense. PEAR customers receive annual cash incentive payments averaging $5,000 per service point, avoid Peak Demand surcharges and get up to $20,000 of remote control / monitoring equipment free.

There are also a number of operational benefits:

  • Get enhanced visibility into your energy use, water use and field conditions — in real-time
  • Monitor field conditions more accurately and precisely to optimize yields
  • Reduce waste and inefficiency to hold down costs  
  • Minimize headcount and fuel costs: one person can control / monitor pumps from any phone, Smartphone or Internet-connected computer instead of physically driving to the pumps
  • Receive early indicators of irrigation or equipment issues
  • Support sustainable Ag practices and position yourself to take advantage of ongoing advances  

In addition, you’ll help with issues vital to all Ag producers:

  • Reduce the need to build additional power plants, which would increase electricity costs for all Ag producers
  • Avoid blackouts and stabilize the power grid
  • Minimize the need to purchase of expensive Peak Demand energy on the spot market, which increases electricity costs for everyone
  • Reduce greenhouse gases

Get expert advice from an energy specialist about how you can benefit from the Peak Energy Agriculture Rewards (PEAR) program from EnerNOC: